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united we stand, together we fall

Here we are 2 years into being diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. We never thought our world would change this much so soon. Together we are finding the meaning of us all over again- through love, encouragement and clean eating. Join our community of like minded souls; share your story, be inspired, learn new ways of being in the world and journey further than ever- with MS.

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Dan Campbell

I feel I have always been unstoppable… until 2 years ago.  My life has really changed. Sometimes I struggle so hard doing the things I use to find effortless.  2017 was a real eye-opening year. It not only brought MS with it but the death of RFN, my best friend and Casey’s brother.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, Riley.  I’m trying every avenue- God wouldn't let me be here if there wasn't a way out. I know my faith and my partner, my wife, will see me through this and one day help me understand why MS can be an adventure, not a life sentence.  It has given me to the farm, the life I have always wanted, but stole me from the workforce we live in today.  Tell me your story and I will share mine.  Wheelin' and workin’ on trucks is where you'll find me!  Usually covered in mud or grease.  Wear your boots, bring your gloves, buckle up and let’s go for a ride on the Campbell Farm!


Heya Friend!  Casey here!  Welcome!  I feel honoured to share my journey, along with my husband Dan, the adventures of living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Together, we bring our knowledge of plants and lessons we have learned from our families.  I believe with love, nutrition and faith- anything is possible.  Miracles do exist!!  Together we can, alone we can’t.  I know Multiple Sclerosis came into our life for a reason, not just for Dan, but for me too!  Every step is a lesson learned.  Sometimes repeating itself over and over, as there is more to learn from and embrace.  Please join me in discovering the realities of MS.  I can promise you laughter, tears, joy, insight, guidance and wisdom.  If I am not around the house, you can find me playing in my backyard.  I love to admire the natural beauty of life and count my blessings. 

PS I love snacks & life-long friendships, so let’s be friends! 

Still here?  Let’s connect! 

Much Love Casey

Casey Campbell