Mmm Pizza! One of our favourite meals that satisfied our taste buds on any occasion. I miss the convenience of simple foods that I could unwrap, place in the oven and walk away! The good old days of processed foods, but now I think of my husband’s health and realize meals of simplicity are hard on the gut. Dining with Multiple Sclerosis I consider all ingredients. Any food Dan eats can affect his mobility and how he feels instantly. I love Pizza, but I am cautious how it impacts Dan.  In our crust, we added Flax Seeds, Turmeric, Chilli Flakes and Garlic Powder.  Check out Healthy Holistic Living for the recipe at .  It was that good!

Toppings: Tomato Puree, Cilantro, Cashew Cheese* (see the Medical Medium for recipe)

I will admit our Pizza doesn't taste like that famous franchise that we all know and love! You need a fork and knife to help you eat it! But oh well, WE can eat Pizza again!  No food cheating here!  Best part, we topped ours with organic Sriracha sauce and wow!

The Campbell Farm