The sweet taste of Watermelon touching my lips reminds me of the good old days back in childhood. When mom said it was ok to eat Watermelon just before dinner. There was no fear of fruit program blaring on the radio. Instead, we heard the classic beats of Phil Collins and the Police playing with the freedom to eat as much Watermelon as we could. Dan’s MS Health Coach shared that fruit was terrible. Consuming it would feed more into Dan’s infection. Then we heard the Medical Medium praising fruit for all the health benefits and helping one’s body heal. In the beginning, it was a transition getting Dan to eat fruit. Sometimes I felt like I was the parent and Dan was the child. I would scream “Eat the bloody fruit or else!”. Now, I love that our kitchen is full of fresh fruit and its no longer a war getting Dan to eat fruit. Many Thanks, Medical Medium!

When Dan does overdo things, eating fruit helps brings the child out in him. He becomes more energized, and he is happy to be around. Reading from the Medical Medium Life-Changing Food melons “are all the keys to the palace of health.” Melons are “balls of purified water” that help to flush toxins out of the body while protecting the brain and the nervous system. So when Dan is having a tough day with movement or slurred speech, he will eat some Watermelon or add it to his salads, and within time his speech clears up. He is not stumbling on his words, and he has more control of his body. We call them our Cinderella moments. He is not back to 100%, but he can move and smile so we can concentrate on us and forget all about MS.  So try adding Watermelon to your salads and see how melons can benefit YOU & your health!

Check out Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods by Antony William. We highly recommend it, especially if you are trying to find natural solutions to help support your health. 

Love Dan & Casey Campbell

The Campbell Farm