The Campbell Farm & Us

The Campbell Farm is where grassy trails are turned into mud! We highly recommend you wear your gum boats around here. There is always an adventure happening, with some sh*t around the corner. Especially when you're not looking. I guess that’s life as they would say. The trails ahead are often bumpy so wear a seat belt and prepare to get dirty.

Every day is a memory in the making. Laughter is always heard among the crowd. Other times you can see Dan and I bickering and I usually ending up head deep in his armpit! Phew! Back to the story of us. We are Dan and Casey Campbell. The Campbell Farm is where we call home. 10 years in the making, work still needs to be done around here. Sometimes life doesn’t always happen according to a checklist. Sometimes you have to wait and other times you go through a couple sets of boots.

The adventures in love and life, things will get broken. Sometimes through control and other times by surprise. RFN! Whatever is the case, Multiple Sclerosis came into our lives for a reason. Lessons needed to be learned. Sometimes bringing out the good, but most times the ugly has to be felt before beauty can be seen Thankfully we have the farm. The ability to scream and shout. Feel the emotions inside, while being greeted by visiting livestock or passing wildlife. You are never alone here.

Look at me, I am not perfect. I try my best to hold on tight, but I fall. Sometimes dropping. But thankfully I have my best friend beside me. Comforting my tears, to helping me laugh. I am so blessed to be living this journey with my best friend, Dan. MS came into our lives. Shook our world. Shattered some dreams. But woke us up. It inspired love. Inspiring conversations to later discovering things about our self and why we work so perfectly together. The Campbell Farm is about wearing your boots and having a tow strap nearby, you never know when you will get stuck!

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