I love this guy!


I love this guy more than words can express. He has been my Knight & Shining Armor when our eyes met that December Night. Since then, our love has been a story in the making or as recently described as “magical”. My first car accident Dan ran 10 km to see me in the hospital. He ran like lightning was hitting his heart. When Dan flipped his truck and tore all the skin off his back, I learned to put my fears of guts and blood aside. That’s what you do when you are in love. Even in the midst of anger, when our eyes lock our souls connect. I believe in miracles, and our love can make anything possible. We will beat MS. I just can’t tell you when. All I can promise is that love will be the answer to #findingusinms #love #hope #multiplesclerosis  

Who else wears matching shirts with such a distinctive style... us, the Campbells xo



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