Thank You!

Thank you for picking up your phone that day.  To all the friends I called, thank-you for helping me save Dan from a system that saw him as a number.  Drugs can make you high; they can mask the pain, but their purpose is not to cure.  Real healing happens within. To the nurse that day, I appreciate your moments of inner kindness when the Doctor wasn’t looking.  You saw me in the fire of action, please know I am human and my love for Dan is strong.

Freedom of Information, wow, you shared the truth needed to prove a point.  In a world that needs science to back up everything, thanks for reporting the truth.  Which led me to the person who stood years earlier in our shoes.

Accept my condolences for those who lost you.  I am so sorry for your family.  Losing you, I don’t know you, but I know this, losing anyone is like when the air became to stale to breathe, and the pain in your heart is beyond words.

To the man I cannot identify, thank you.  Your last words are my thesis for plant medicine.  We will never see eye to eye, and that’s okay.  I needed you that day to remind me WE got this!



It has been one-year since Dan said goodbye to the clinic life.  He no longer has a neurologist assigned to his case.  He is not on any medications.  Dan decided on a natural route.  Has it been easy? No!  Dan is exploring other options, like Ozone Therapy, as well as, removing heavy metals from his body.  He follows a plant-based diet (Medical Medium) and works with numerous naturopaths.

Please note we are not doctors or specialists in any way or form.  This is our story; sharing our adventure living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Please seek medical attention/advice from healthcare professionals.

Picture: August 29, 2018 4x4 on the Campbell Farm